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How to bowl faster with net practice

The more you practice, the better you get. That idea is well established: but many bowlers with ambitions of bowling fast fail even when they do practice hard. The problem is you are doing the wrong kind of practice. You turn up to nets and bowl. The coach offers useful advice while the batsmen go…

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Teamer cricket

How to be a world-class cricket character who is invaluable to the team

By David Hinchcliffe, Director of Coaching, PitchVision Academy What makes a world-class cricketing character, even at club level? Michael Vaughan – 2005 Ashes winning captain – was famous for saying everyone in the team was a captain. Great leadership doesn’t just come from the top, it comes from both the appointed ones (captain, vice-captain, coach)…

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Welcome to PV/Match

We are tremendously proud to announce the development of our new live “Match Scoring” software, “PV/Match” which will be available this year. In fact we are actually announcing three systems in one – as PV/Match is not just for match scoring, but is for scouting, training video-analysis, and for live streaming of matches with extensive social…

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