Team sports can aid career success for women - report

A new report has suggested that playing youth sport can help women achieve more in their careers.

The Imagination Gap report commissioned by Atlassian, in partnership with the AFL Women’s League, aims to start a conversation about the link between team sports, role models and leadership success.

According to the survey of 1000 respondents, 82% of Australian directors and senior managers said they played team sports in their youth, and 95% of Australians believe such involvement helps develop key skills for future leadership.

Aubrey Blanche, Atlassian’s head of global diversity & inclusion, said team environments can help create safe spaces for girls to thrive alongside their peers.

“[It’s] where they can build confidence and resilience. Skills which we know are vital for success in the workplace,” she said.

“Encouraging girls to participate in teams – whether it’s sport, scouts, debating or whatever else piques their imagination – will help develop these critical skills and foster our next generation of leaders.”

The report highlighted the link in women’s AFL between the introduction of the national league and the 30% increase of participation by women in the sport.

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