Happy New Year - five tips to prepare your team for 2018

We'd like to wish all our users a Happy New Year and every success with your teams in 2018.

At Teamer, we may not be able to help with performance but we can certainly aid you in your team's preparation for the months ahead. With that in mind, here are five tips to get your team ready for 2018.

1. Update your Team member details

Throughout the course of a year new players join a team, while others drop out. January is a great time for a quick spring clean of your Teamer page to make sure your team member list is updated so that when notifications and messages are sent out, the correct people receive them.

2. Create your events

Get organised for the New Year by taking some time to set up events for training and games. Getting organised now for the forthcoming weeks and months will save time down the line and ensure that everyone knows which events are occurring, when and where.

3. Set up Teamer payments

It can be a hassle collecting payments from forgetful players. How many times have you told your team to bring their subs with them for the game on Saturday, only to be let down? Teamer Payments, which is linked to your Teamer account, allows you to easily collect player payments. In just a matter of minutes, you can collect any payment from annual membership fees to kit payments or match day subs to the payments of fines – all via our safe and secure platform. It takes just minutes to sign up, and it is easy to set up payment requests that specify what the payment is for, how much and who it should go to.

4. Make sure your players have the Teamer app

Downloading the Teamer app is the best way for players and parents to keep up-to-date with team goings-on. Remember, notifications via the app are cheaper than text messages (currently limited to 200 free per month). With the app, players , parents and coaches have all team matters in the palm of their hand, making it easy to send and respond to messages in a matter of seconds.

5. Have fun!

With team organisation taken care of, don't forget to have fun in 2018. Remember, by being a coach you are helping your players stay fit, active and social. The benefits of team sports are well documented and you are a vital cog in the machine so keep that in mind and enjoy your season, whichever stage it is at.


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