Teamer & SNAP

A partnership to help your rugby club develop through sponsorship!

Teamer is pleased to announce a new partnership with SNAP who are dedicated to helping clubs and businesses work together in a mutually beneficial way.

SNAP has developed a business dedicated to helping grassroots clubs develop through sustainable sponsorship management and funding. Their website allows rugby clubs to manage their existing sponsors and secure additional revenue all in one system.

A sophisticated, secure and intuitive platform enables local, national and international businesses and brands to engage their target audience while amplifying their reach.

Clubs can promote their opportunities to a huge audience, negotiate and secure sponsorship all within the system.

Our shared value of the importance of grassroots rugby, and two systems designed in order for clubs to run more efficiently in order for matches to be fulfilled and clubs to thrive, has meant the partnership between SNAP and Teamer is a natural fit.

To find out more about SNAP head over to their website and watch the video:

Rugby clubs are already loaded in to the SNAP website, so all you have to do is CLAIM your club and build a profile to start managing your sponsors and be visible to SNAP’s network of sponsors. Claim your club here…


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