Teamer's League Website - Powering Youth Football in Northern Ireland

Youth football leagues in Northern Ireland are utilising Teamer’s League Website platform like never before as the 2017/18 season gets underway.

League Website enables administrators to manage all fixtures, results, league tables, news articles and easily communicate with their clubs via email and text service.

Users can customise their website’s layout with its drag and drop tool, choose their colours, heading and background to get their website looking the way they want it to.

And that’s exactly what league administrators in Northern Ireland have been doing.

There are currently nine youth leagues using League Website, with well over 1000 teams associated with the platform. That’s thousands of players visiting each day to catch up with the fixtures, results, tables and news surrounding their league.

The Northern Ireland Boys Football Association Youth League, who are affiliated with the Irish FA, are one of the platform’s most prolific users and the league’s Development Officer Gerry McKee has been delighted with the way it has been functioning.

“We at the SUBWAY NIBFA National League have had a very happy and positive experience with the League Website platform, it has a straightforward operational system and the response time to queries or problems is almost immediate,” says McKee.

“Any suggestions for addition or improvement to the site have always been given serious consideration and if for the benefit of all have been acted upon. Overall we would highly recommend the platform to any league administrator.”

Two youth players go head-to-head in last season's NIBFA Subway National League Cup U17 Plate Final - photo by Freddie Parkinson / Press Eye ©

The South Belfast Youth Football League is the largest league using the platform, with teams from that area accounting for more than 600 of the active teams.

League Website is run by Teamer, an app you can download on Android and IOS alongside the desktop version, which enables sports coaches to easily manage their team in one place. Teamer negates the need for the endless string of texts, emails and phonecalls that often comes with running a grassroots team by enabling coaches to communicate and set up games and training all in one place.

With League Website and Teamer in heavy use for the 2017/18 season, youth football clubs in Northern Ireland most certainly have things taken care of off the pitch. Now it's time for the action on it.

Find out more about League Website and Teamer.

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