Club Website Spotlight: Chonburi FC

This week a slightly different spotlight as we focus on a supporters page set up by avid Chonburi FC fan Dale Farringdon.

Dale has been watching Thai football since 1997 and supporting Chonburi FC since their formation in 2002. During this time he has seen Chonburi FC grow from a small provincial team, playing in front of a few dozen people, into one of the biggest, best supported and most successful Thai clubs in recent years.

We caught up with Dale to find out how he uses our platform to keep other Sharks fans up to date with the latest club news.

How are you finding Club Website?

Excellent. It is ideal for my purposes. I'm able to post articles, news, videos, photos and much, much more. Also, all the statistics (including the league table) are automatically generated when I add the information. This is a particularly useful tool for me.

How many teams are involved with your club?

I only concern myself with the first XI. However, I will occasionally post items about the junior teams and the Thailand national team.

What do you use Club Website for?

Pretty much everything connected with Chonburi FC. I post news, interviews, previews, match reports and articles relating to the club and Thai football in general. I have a few regular contributors and have interviewed numerous people over the years. I treat the website as an online fanzine and try to include as much variety as possible in order to keep it fresh.

Would you recommend Club Website to fellow clubs and if so, why?

Absolutely! It's easy to use - which is useful for someone like me, who doesn't know too much about the technical side of computers - and allows you to do a wide variety of different things (see above). In addition, whenever I've had a problem or a query, the support staff have always been really helpful and quick to respond.

To sum up, as I am not connected to the club, I run my website entirely as an independent fan site and it works for me. I really enjoy using the Club Website facility and it suits all of my needs. Thank you for providing a great service over the past seven years. Long may it continue!


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