Club Website Spotlight: Birmingham St Georges FC

This week we visit Birmingham St Georges FC to find out how our Club Website platform has benefited them.

Club Website enables you to easily build and customise your website and comes with multiple features including fixtures and results, squad statistics and match reports, multimedia features and much more. Vice Chairman Lee Bray spoke to us about how the platform benefits one of Birmingham City FC's official feeder clubs.

When did you first sign up to Club Website?

We signed up in 2013 as we started growing our club and needed to make use of the internet.

Why did you start using Club Website?

We saw other clubs using Club Website and really liked the format plus the added bonus of being subscription free really appealed to us.

How does Club Website help you and your team?

It allows us to publish all the information needed for our parents and players. E.g. Training, fixtures and events.

What do you like best about Club Website?

We like the fact there are separate pages within the website for all of our teams to have their own place to visit which are very accessible.

How user-friendly do you find Club Website?

We have found Club Website as a whole to be very easy to use and feedback from our parents only confirms this.

Would you recommend Club Website to others?

We would unreservedly recommend the service to others because along with the reasons above we found customer service to be second to none.

Club Website is available to any sports team in the world and is 100% free. Sign your team up today!

Are you a Club Website user? If you want your team to be in the spotlight let us know -

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