Teamer Spotlight: Mescalitos Banditos

Our first softball spotlight takes us to Wembley, north London where we visit Mescalitos Banditos.

Ian Hodge took on the role of manager earlier in the year and quickly found that getting everyone in the right place at the right time was quite a task. Fortunately he discovered Teamer and we spoke to him about his early experiences using the app.

When did you first sign up for Teamer?

This is our first season using it - so about 3 months ago.

Why did you start using Teamer?

Trying to get 12 people together in one place at one time is hard... no one tells you that when you agree to take on organising a team!

How does Teamer help you and your team?

It's an easy way to give everyone the same information - there's no risk of dates or fixtures being lost in a WhatsApp chain or email conversation.

We get all of our fixtures and locations at the start of the season - so I put them in early doors which gives everyone the chance to see them and plan ahead.

Why is Teamer better than texting/emailing/calling?

It's almost like a sporting diary - letting people know where they need to be and when. The fact that this can then be exported to their actual planners on smartphones etc makes life a lot easier.

Which elements of Teamer do you use the most?

The organisational side of things for sure - so the events section of the app is our go-to.

What are your favourite aspects of using Teamer?

The fact I can open it up a few days before a game and see exactly who can play, who can't and know that they have all the information they need to get there.

Teamer is available to any sports team in the world and is 100% free. Sign your team up today!

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