Sports coaches: three signs you need to change things up

Coaching a sports team can be a highly rewarding pastime but also a challenging one.

Here are three signs that you are stagnating as a coach and what you can do about them.

1. You no longer feel excited 

It may be poor results, or simply a frustration with the old routine, but you feel jaded by coaching. It is up to you to change your mindset.

  • Remember that you are doing an amazing thing by volunteering your time to run a team. Without coaches, grassroots sport would not work as it does. The benefits of exercise and social interaction are well publicised and you are directly contributing to this.
  • Parents and players are grateful. They may not always show it, but most people involved with grassroots sport know how hard you work and how much of your own time you give up.
  • Meditate. It can be stressful running a team and meditation can bring increased focus, more relaxation and a profound sense of happiness. Meditation can give you an added zest for life, including your coaching.
  • Listen to music. Have a motivational theme song or a selection of theme songs to listen to as you travel to training or matches. Music and mood are linked, and research shows that music can affect our psychology on a number of levels.

2. Players are not motivated

They’ve heard it all before. You’ve been coaching them for so long that, although you wouldn’t want to admit it, training sessions have become stale and players are no longer listening. They are not following instructions on the field either.

Make training sessions more fun and unpredictable by bringing in new drills and games. There are a plethora of sports coaching providers out there that give excellent free advice, not to mention the numerous YouTube videos and apps that can provide the inspiration needed to change up your sessions.

Bring in some new ideas and you should see a positive reaction in training and matches.

3. Getting short with your players

The endless questions and disorganisation from players when it is not actually that hard to meet at the agreed time, at the agreed destination with the agreed money and the agreed kit can be frustrating. Are you reaching the end of your tether, snapping at players, losing your cool and generally coming off as less approachable? That’s not good for you or them.

You need to take a step back and look at ways of organising your players so that there are fewer questions and everyone knows what is expected of them. If you are not already a member, Teamer is an app that eliminates the need for the endless stream of texts, emails and phone calls to check on player availability. Coaches can coordinate their players all in one place, setting clear meeting times and destinations for training and matches, and allowing players to accept or decline with the click of a button. With Teamer Payments, you can also collect money safely and securely online, avoiding the hassle of chasing players on the day.

The time and dedication of coaches is vital to sport at grassroots level. Without them, it simply wouldn’t work. But if you are a coach, it doesn’t hurt to check in from time to time and ask yourself a few searching questions as you would about any aspect of your life.

What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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