Teamer Spotlight: Woburn Golf Club

Golf takes centre stage in this week's Team Spotlight as we visit Woburn Golf Club in Milton Keynes, UK.

Stuart Copeland is a prominent player at the club and explains how he has used Teamer to his benefit for several years to organise his group.

When did you first sign up for Teamer?

I joined Teamer seven years ago and it was about then I started using it for our golf group.

Why did you start using Teamer?

I found out about Teamer from my younger son’s rugby club. Our golf group was about 15 people so texting, emailing, etc and trying to sort out tee times was getting more difficult as the group grew. We are now 30 golfers and we have five administrators/organisers.

How does Teamer help you and your group?

I figured out we could book slightly differently if we used Teamer. We book either two, three or four times on weekends and some week days (for our retired members). We have identified who plays most regularly on each day and they make up the first choice eight or 12 or 16. Everyone else goes onto the standby list. Once set up, we don’t have to do much ahead of the day’s golf.

Why is Teamer better than texting/emailing/calling?

a) In our case, we can easily set up the golf booking in multiples of four people, i.e. fourballs. Once the line up and the standby list is set up, we just press the button and let it run. Any time before the event, everyone can check who is playing and how many there are.
b) A few days ahead of the event, we confirm names with the golf club.
c) We use it with non-Teamer people and have four guests set up to be used where players have guests.
d) We have 2-3 bigger events every year where we may have the 24-32 people out and it makes the larger numbers low in admin.

Which elements of Teamer do you use the most?

a) We use the game booking as above.
b) We use the TeamTalk a lot to issue game information, publish handicaps, groups, our Order of Merit. That's the admin side – it is also used for large amounts of banter!
c) The group members also upload photos – again, mostly for reasons of humour or friendly abuse.
d) For our big events, we also use Teamer Payments to collect money ahead of the day which really helps lighten the load on the day.

What are your favourite aspects of using Teamer?

It minimises the admin required to coordinate 30 people’s golf.

Teamer is available to any sports team in the world and is 100% free. Sign your team up today!

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