Teamer Spotlight: Pakuranga Tennis Club

This week the Teamer Spotlight takes us to Pakuranga tennis club in New Zealand.

The club's secretary Denise Smith is a Teamer veteran and she took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to explain how it helps her organise the club's players on a weekly basis.

When did you first sign up for Teamer?

I started using Teamer to manage my hockey teams in November 2011. I have been using it to manage tennis teams here since 2015.

Why did you start using Teamer?

To make life easier when managing multiple tennis teams.

How does Teamer help you and your team?

It allows me as an organiser and the players to see when their games are, who is scheduled and available to play and also a map of the location the team is travelling to.

Why is Teamer better than texting/emailing/calling?

I can send multiple messages in one go making it much faster. I can also put players on standby so if someone is unavailable it automatically sends the request to the person on standby. I can then look at my event a couple of days before to check everyone has responded. Then I only have to contact those that have not responded. I also like that I can attach a map as they play at different locations all the time. I can also include in notes what tennis court numbers they have been allocated.

Which elements of Teamer do you use the most?

Setting up game events.

How user-friendly do you find Teamer?

I find it very user friendly.

What are your favourite aspects of using Teamer?

I like that it has an app so my messages pop straight up on players' phones and they can respond instantly.

Teamer is available to any sports team in the world and is 100% free. Sign your team up today!

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