How to manage the nerves on short putts

Do you struggle to make some of your short putts?

Here is a short video that will help you make more short putts.

These are a few simple and practical tips to improve your ability to sink these tricky 3-4 ft putts.

Short putts can be one of the most difficult parts of golf to manage as we often feel more pressure because we feel we should make them.

They appear to be easy but in fact they have a mental difficulty that other shots on golf don't have.

Short putts are clearly in or out and this certainty of adding another shot to the score is quite stressful for many golfers.

A poor drive can be recovered from, not so with a missed putt.

Watch this video to learn how to manage the nerves and make more of these important putts.

For more tips on how to overcome golf's mental challenges, head over to

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