Teamer Spotlight: Westbury & United Banks

In the first part of a new feature, Teamer will be putting the spotlight on some of our users from around the world across different sports.

First up is Westbury & United Banks Hockey Club, one of the biggest clubs in Bristol, England with over 120 registered league players.

We spoke to Club Captain Will Jones about why they use Teamer and how it helps them.

How does Teamer help you organise your players?

We gain the availability from everyone at the whole club for the following weeks matches, which allows the selection committee to select the teams using the correct information.

Why is Teamer better than texting/emailing/calling?

We can easily send out to a large number of people at once and Teamer allows us to easily see who has responded & their response, as well as those who haven’t responded and we can then chase these players up. Teamer can now also be set to send automatic reminders to those who don’t respond making it even easier.

Which elements of Teamer do you use the most?

We use the events section, to create an event for following weekend to gain players availability for that weekend. It is a
general request & doesn’t specify the exact location & time of the game they could be playing in, as this will be relayed to the player after selection has taken place. We also use it to create social events, to advertise these events and gain interest.

What are your favourite aspects of using Teamer?

The fact that it can send out messages to multiple players & will send out automatic reminders to those who don’t respond.

Teamer is available to any sports team in the world and is 100% free. Sign your team up today!

Are you a Teamer user? If you want your team to be in the spotlight let us know -

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