Grassroots football facilities - FAW Trust calls on clubs

Grassroots football clubs in Wales struggling with poor facilities have been asked to come forward and share their concerns.

The Football Association of Wales (FAW) Trust is seeking to engage with clubs, leagues and local councils to provide local support and they want to hear from you.

"What we’re hearing from clubs is they’re finding significant increases in pitch hire fees, which is an issue in terms of the costs they have to pass on to players," said CEO Neil Ward in an interview published by the FAW Trust.

"Decommissioning and closure of facilities and a lack of maintenance, particularly of pitches, means that during poor weather many fixtures are cancelled, and then [there is also] an increasing move from councils to transferring their facilities to more community ownership."

These are familiar problems to footballers right across the UK, with poor pitches and facilities consistently rated as the number one concern of the grassroots community in recent years. With costs continuing to rise, many clubs feel under pressure, but the FAW Trust say they want to help provide a long-term solution.

"We’re engaging with local clubs, leagues and councils to provide local programmes of support, working out ways in which we can plan for the future rather than reacting to circumstances of today," added Ward.

"Thinking about ways in which we can protect some existing facilities, how we can align potential sources of funding to develop facilities for the future and to enhance existing facilities, and also to support people at a local level on the challenges that they are facing."

If you're at a club or league having issues with facilities, the FAW Trust wants to hear from you - simply email or call 01633 282 911 and you'll be directed to the relevant person to deal with you query.

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