Collect money via your club website with Teamer Payments

Teamer Payments integrated into club websites for simple collection of team subs and more

Collecting money for your club just got a whole lot easier, as Club Website is now integrated with Teamer Payments - the simple and secure way to collect money.

In just a matter of minutes, clubs can now collect any payment from annual membership fees to kit payments or match day subs to the payments of fines - all via their club website.

To get started, simply follow the step-by-step guide below and you'll be up and running in no time. Just click on the images to open an enlarged version in a new window/tab.

Teamer Payments - get started

1. Log in to your club website admin area and click on the Teamer Payments button

Teamer Payments process 01 - get started

2. This takes you to a personalised welcome page, where you can register your new Teamer Payments account in no time at all

Teamer Payments process 02 - welcome page

3. Just complete a few details about you and your club and click 'Connect to Stripe' - Teamer's secure payments partner

Teamer Payments process 03 - Connect with Stripe

4. You now create your your club's Stripe merchant account, where you enter details of the club bank account where you'd like all payments to be received

Teamer Payments process 04 - Stripe merchant account

5. Once your Stripe account is setup, you can get started on collecting payments straight away.

Simply click on 'Create payment request' to setup the payments you need to collect for your team - e.g. annual membership fees, weekly subs or advance payments for next summer's tour.

Teamer Payments process 05 - Setup complete

6. Name each new payment request to make it obvious to your team members, create multiple payment categories if you need them (e.g. adults, kids, family) and add a payment due date.

Teamer Payments process 06 - New payment request

7. All new payments are added to your Teamer Payments dashboard, from where you can notify team members about each payment due, monitor how much money you've collected and see who's yet to pay.

Teamer Payments process 07 - Payments dashboard

8. Each payment request can be shared with your team members by email, SMS or the Teamer app, plus you can post a payment link directly onto your club website homepage.

Teamer Payments process 08 - Publish to page

9. Your club website now features a simple link for all of your payments, so your team members can make all payments safely and securely via credit or debit card from one convenient location.

Teamer Payments process 09 - Payment links

10. You're now ready to start collecting payments online. It really is as easy as that.

There are no set-up fees, on-going or hidden charges. A fee of 2.4% + 20p is payable per transaction. You can choose whether this fee is paid by the club or the payer. All funds will be cleared into your club bank account within seven days.

Teamer Payments includes a host of other great features including automatic payment reminders,  or allowing team members to pay by monthly instalments, so what are you waiting for?

Sign into your club website now and click on the Teamer Payments logo to get started.

If you don't have a club website, you can register for one here, or you can sign up for Teamer Payments directly at


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