FA publishes guide to grassroots football management

Handy new FA resource offers wide range of advice for all managers of an adult grassroots team

Heavy challenge in grassroots football

Calling all grassroots football managers - help is at hand!

Whether you're a budding young Pep Guardiola embarking on your first season in English football, or a seasoned old veteran like Arsene Wenger, a new FA guide to grassroots management is available for all managers involved in adults football.

The guide covers everything from how to run a training session to tactics and formations, including dealing with some classic grassroots match day scenarios such having to kick off a player short.

It also offers advice on getting your point across, dealing with injuries, team administration and features some simple but useful nutrition and dietary tips for your players.

So, whether you're a budding new Special One with your managerial career mapped out ahead of you, or you've drawn the short straw amongst your mates about who manages the team this season, this resource should provide you with some pointers - from a series of FA experts - in the art and science of running an adult Saturday or Sunday team.

FA Guide to Managing in Grassroots FootballThe FA's Technical Director Dan Ashworth says the resource - for which he writes the foreword - is "hopefully presented in a way which recognises the reality of running a grassroots team.

"You may not have a settled squad, the fittest players or the best training facilities but there is content in this resource that will help you make the best of what you have."

Click here to download the guide, which you can then keep on your phone or tablet, print or share.


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