Make life easier this season with Teamer!

Take the hassle out of team communications, match day organisation, collecting payments and more with the completely FREE team management app - available for desktop and mobile.

Make life easier with TeamerThe new grassroots football season is just around the corner and, with pre-season plans looming large, now is the perfect time for your team to make life easier with Teamer - the FREE team management app.

Teamer is designed to take the hassle out of managing any sports team, with a free application used around the world by over two million coaches, players and parents just like you.

If you're a captain, manager or coach, Teamer keeps things simple to make your job easier. The easy-to-use app - available on desktop or mobile - will significantly reduce the time it takes to get your team on the field.

Getting people to training or a match shouldn't take dozens of phone calls or emails. Teamer allows you to pick the players you want to notify - by a choice of email, text or mobile app - before sending the game notice to all of them with one easy click.

Teamer playersAs replies are received, your Teampage updates with real time responses, telling you who's in and who's out, while any chosen replacements get notified automatically if one of your team pulls out.

If you're a player, it couldn't be simpler. Let the gaffer know you're available - or not - by simply replying to your text or email, updating the mobile app or online at

From your Teampage, you can also get all the info you need on upcoming team events or chat with your team mates on your very own Team Talk page.

Of course, your club website remains the perfect place for fixtures & results, league tables, match reports, player profiles, squad stats and everything else that you've come to expect over the years. But now, since joining the Teamer family last season, Club Website has the perfect accompaniment.

We can now offer all of our members a full suite of services for your club, including Teamer Payments - a secure and simple method of collecting payments from your team online.

With easy-to-use online tools and mobile apps - available on both Android  and iPhone - Teamer is the tool to perfect way to give your team the boost you need for the new season and make life easier for managers, coaches, players and parents alike.

Want to find out more? Take just a few minutes to watch how to get started below, then register your team at - you'll be up and running in less than a minute!


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