Clubs win when you lose with My Club Betting

Clubs like Ynysddu Welfare FC are using My Club Betting to help cover costs for the new season.

Ynysddu Welfare FC

As the Welsh toast their heroes and English fans try to drown their sorrows after Euro 2016, many non-league clubs throughout the UK have already kicked off their pre-season friendly programme.

For one or two team clubs playing at grassroots level it means checking that last year’s kit will do for another season, repairing goal nets and erecting goal posts, inflating scuffed balls and nagging players to hand over their subs to cover league and pitch fees.

My Club Betting’s new initiative offers a free revenue stream to cover all or some of those costs.

More than 1,500 clubs are already benefitting, including clubs like Queens Head FC in Division Eight of the Devon and Exeter Football League and Ynysddu Welfare FC who play in Division Two of the Gwent County League.

“We’re a typical pub team,” said Queens Head club secretary Parry Jarman. “Enormously talented, incredibly fit, extremely deluded and cash poor. But of course we love playing the beautiful game and that costs money at any level.

“If you add up kit and equipment costs, league registration fees and pitch rental we will have spent £1,700 before even kicking a ball. So every penny we can raise counts, which is why we signed up with My Club Betting (MCB).

“Now our members and supporters who like an occasional bet can help boost club funds by using our own MCB club betting site, because if they lose – and let’s face it there is a very good chance of that – the club will get 20% of the net revenue that the bookmaker wins. It’s the nearest thing to a betting certainty.”

Plus, with My Club Betting, not only does the club earn if people lose a bet. They qualify for free kit and equipment when there are a certain number of qualified sign-ups on the site.

“We’ve got 16 qualified users betting regularly and have already been given kit bags, balls and a new kit for away games,” said Ben Murphy from Ynysddu Welfare FC (pictured above).

“You won’t get rich overnight from the income generated by losses but £20-£30 a month helps us to reduce the players’ subs. Add to that the free stuff and it’s what you would call a no-brainer.”

For further information on My Club Betting simply visit or call 01883 772929.

Club Website teams (18+) that want to start earning cash via their own betting service can activate their own My Club Betting page via the Add-Ons menu on your admin dashboard.


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