Laws of the Game revised for 2016/17 season

Kick-off, DOGSO and sock tape colour among over 100 updates to the Laws of the Game

Players, coaches and, most importantly, referees take note - this month has seen an update to the Laws of the Game.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) introduced the new regulations on 1 June, in time to take effect for UEFA EURO 2016 and the Copa America.

Now, for the first time, it's simple to get your hands on the Laws of the Game, as IFAB has launched its own media platforms to present the laws to the wider football community.

The new official website can be found at, while you can also follow IFAB on Facebook and @TheIFAB on Twitter, giving you time to brush up on the laws before the new season kicks off.

Unless you're an existing or budding referee, you're probably not too interested in all the Law changes, but some of them are definitely worth noting for everyone in the grassroots game:

Kit: Tape or material covering the socks of players must be the same colour as the socks.

Kick-off: A new Law change allows for the ball to be kicked in any direction at kick­‐off.

DOGSO: Players denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity in the penalty area don't receive an automatic red card. Minor offenses are cautioned with a yellow card rather than sending off.

The new IFAB website contains all the information you need in relation to the Laws of the Game, including all relevant explanatory documents and examples for easier reference and understanding.

In a statement, IFAB says the media platforms were "developed to focus on the Laws of the Game, to promote the consistent understanding and application of these laws and to serve as an important reference for all related questions. This information is now easily accessible and all in one place."

IFAB says they will be regularly updating their website content and "actively engaging" with social media followers to "help promote a clear understanding of the Laws of the Game and to provide information on all important projects and experiments".

The complete Laws of the Game - broken down Law by Law - are available to view at!/laws, whilst you can also download a summary of the main changes to the Laws.


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