22 amateur footballers versus 11 professionals

Ever wondered how your grassroots football team - or teams - would get on against the pros?

22 vs 11

In scouring the internet for football gems this month, we came across this video that helps to answer an age-old question: just how much better than us amateur footballers are the professionals? 

Norweigan TV comedy sports talk show Golden Goal put that to the test by putting out a team of amateur players to take on top flight side Vålerenga.

To level things up against the five-times Norweigan champions, Golden Goal were allowed to field a team of 22 players, including two goalkeepers and playing in an 8-8-4 formation.

Whilst Golden Goal live up to their amateur billing with distinction, it's an enjoyable watch and had us chuckling away here at Club Website HQ.

So come on Leicester, Spurs, Arsenal - we'll take you all on! Who's up for a game of 11 v 22?


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