My Club Betting - how they help grassroots football

Club Website partner helps over-18s teams with funding, equipment and marketing at no extra cost

My Club Betting - Spread the WordMy Club Betting is an opportunity for over-18s teams to develop with free sports equipment and an extra revenue derived from using their own betting service.

It’s simplicity at its best; unlike other bookmakers, the service gives money back – no less than 20% of net revenues (£20 in every £100) return to the team every month, to be used where needed.

How? – The team administrator simply enables their free betting service through the add-on feature within their club website administrator panel. The members and supporters bet via their club service, which is displayed as part of the team page and the club is rewarded with free sports equipment and revenue.

In December 2015, My Club Betting launched a much-enhanced and upgraded service for which demand has risen dramatically. There are now over 500 clubs of varying sports using the service. The product works, it’s tested and proven, providing clubs and teams with much-needed funds to use as they wish. It offers access to over 70,000 in-play events, across all sports with competitive early prices on a daily basis.

My Club Betting are proud to have recently become an official partner of Club Website and are committed to assisting grassroots sports development and they are here to help. Use them and gain revenue and free kit rewards for your team.

To take advantage of their unique service, which offers 20% of net revenue back to the club, then simply sign up your team, promote it to your supporters and friends and reap the rewards.

My Club Betting - Rewards

The rewards*:

• 20% net revenue from your club's registered users' betting
• One user: 1x FIFA-inspected ball
• Six users: 1x kit bag & 2x FIFA-inspected balls
• 11 users: Full kit - 14x outfield and 1x goalkeeper kit (shirt, shorts, socks)
• 30 users: 4x water bottle arriers & 24x water bottles
• 40 users: 2x managers' jackets & 3x subs jackets

*T&Cs apply

My Club Betting - Support

How My Club Betting support clubs:

1. By promoting your betting service using social media
2. By supplying you with free marketing materials - bespoke business cards, beer mats, posters etc. advertising your service
3. By supplying your supporters with expert advice and opinion from respected, award-winning sports betting journalists, available via weekly emails and blogs
4. By adding to your Twitter feed using a weekly tweets schedule which will help boost your own content

Don’t get left behind, sign up to their risk-free service and help grow your club by attracting users to your own team betting site. Bet in confidence knowing that you are helping to fund your own team rather than totally funding the bookmaker!

If you want to know more about My Club Betting or would appreciate a hand setting your service up, call 01883 772929 during office hours or visit for more information.

My Club Betting - Activate


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