FA to trial energy-efficient floodlights

Government-funded trial to look at energy use of LED floodlights and costs for grassroots clubs

Floodlit grassroots football

The Football Association is set to trial the use of energy-efficient LED floodlights at a grassroots football facility, in a bid to save on energy costs across the game.

The trial, which is being partly funded by the Department for Energy and Climate Change, will monitor both the energy and cost efficiencies of LED lighting versus traditional metal halide floodlights.

Mark Pover, the FA’s Investment and Facilities manager said: “We are currently assessing which ground will be most suitable for the trial. What we hope to do is make a compelling argument to clubs of the long term economic value of using LED as well as saving energy and the environment.”

Traditional metal halide floodlights can cost between £2,000 and £6,000 per year to light one pitch. Costs vary with the level of pitch usage, although 3G pitches tend to generate higher bills as they are used more frequently.

“As it is relatively new, at present LED floodlights costs more to install, but costs will inevitably come down in cost over time as demand increases," added Pover.

"What we hope to determine is how much cheaper running costs will be in the long term – making business as well as the green case for clubs to switch when they upgrade."


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