Blow me down! Have you ever seen an own goal like it?

This is the own goal that has taken the internet by storm, if you'll pardon the pun.

Thurrock FC defender Kamarl Duncan's 45-yard own goal went viral last week, thanks in no small part to an assist by Storm Barney. 

The bizarre strike came in Thurrock's 1-1 draw at Romford in the Isthmian League Division One North last Tuesday (17 November) as the storm - only the second UK storm to be named by the Met Office - battered much of the country.

Barney will be long-remembered in Essex, having caused one of the most unlikely own goals you'll ever see - a huge gust of wind blowing Duncan's clearance back over his head before it bounced over the goalkeeper and into the net.

The video became an overnight sensation, cranking up over a million views on social media in less than 24 hours and making Duncan a reluctant celebrity.

"At first it was a bit embarrassing and my team-mates were giving me a bit of banter," he told BBC Essex. "But I can see the funny side to it, honestly. At the time it wasn't funny."

YouTube video courtesy of Thurrock FC. To use in a commercial player or broadcasts, please email


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