Club Website is 10 years old... and we're still free!

Club Website 10th anniversary

Club Website is very proud to celebrate 10 years of providing FREE club websites to the grassroots football community.

It's a whole decade since we launched in the summer of 2005, with just a few hundred clubs signed up to our free website service.

Now, as we embark on our eleventh season, we are both proud and excited to provide FREE websites to over 20,000 teams and over 300 leagues, benefitting over one million users from the grassroots community every single month.

The football world was a different place back in the summer of 2005. Chelsea had just won their first league title in over 50 years, Liverpool were the champions of Europe and the only football clubs with their own websites were professional clubs.

Until Club Website came along, that is. We wanted to give every club the chance to setup a professional online home and prided ourselves on providing that service for FREE.

We have stuck true to our word and resisted the urge to charge for our sites, despite other club website providers changing policy and pushing costs onto clubs.

Our sites have been free to use for the last 10 years and they will always be free to use.

We pride ourselves on providing the best service out there, with a product has been modelled on 10 years of administrator feedback. We listen to our customers and work together with them to continuously evolve and improve.

Club Website's top five points based on customer feedback:

1. Excellent customer support
2. Easy to navigate
3. Simple to edit and effortless to update
4. Sponsor friendly - generates the club money
5. It's FREE!

If your club isn't on board already, you can sign up for a free club website today. We look forward to welcoming you to our ever-increasing grassroots football community.

If you are already a Club Website user, thanks for being part of the journey and for your continued input over the last decade.

Here's to the next 10 years!


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