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The question had been swilling around in the mind of businessman Neil Riches for a number of years: how could revenue be generated to help grassroots sport?

Like many good ideas, it took a light-bulb moment over a pint to find the solution.

And it was brilliant in its simplicity: use people’s normal betting habits to help their own clubs.

Thus was born – and is now the champion of clubs nationwide.

The premise is simple: the club receive a free betting service at no cost. The members and supporters bet via the club service and the club is rewarded with free sports equipment.

And unlike all other bookmakers, the service gives money back – no less than 20% of net revenues (or £4 in every £20) return to the respective club for development. have been rolling out their tailor-made service to Club Website teams for the last couple of months and many are already reaping the benefits.

Last month, within just three weeks of receiving the service, Mid Sussex Football League club Ridgewood FC landed a brand new kit.

The Division Six new-boys became the first club to take advantage of the unique offer from with many more certain to follow. Why wouldn’t they? It’s a no-brainer.

The Uckfield-based club did not have to pay a penny for the service.

Ridgewood FC manager Chaz Shires said: “We are delighted. We received a match ball when one person signed up, got another two match balls and a large kit bag when six people used the service, and now we have a full kit for 15 players because 11 have signed up.

“The service is just like any other betting service. It has been a fantastic addition to the club and the players and supporters have been great in getting behind us.

“A few of us like a casual flutter and simply by using our own service rather than the more traditional bookmakers, it will provide the club with much-needed revenue going forward. It is easy to see why clubs like ours are taking advantage of the offer.”, who recently signed a deal with Premier Sports TV to be the Official Broadcast Sponsors of the Copa America, have some fantastic prize giveaways on their twitter site this month (@MyClubBetting), including signed, framed shirts from some of the world’s top footballers.

So the next time you are talking football over a pint, don’t forget to drop in the conversation and see what it can do for your club.

To activate the My Club Betting service on your website, visit your admin area. Over-18s teams only.

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