New social media feature set to go live

New feature will allow clubs and teams to integrate their social media profiles with their club website

Club Website is very pleased to announce the launch of our new social media feature, which will be going live next week!

The new feature, which is currently in the final stages of beta testing, will allow you to link your website homepage to your social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

It will also allow you to integrate your Facebook and Twitter feeds onto your club website, allowing your players, officials, parents and supporters to view your status updates, photos, videos, links, comments, likes and followers straight from your club website.

Many thanks to all of those clubs who put themselves forward for beta testing. We're currently putting the finishing touches to the feature in line with your feedback and will be launching the full version next week.

Once live, all club administrators can enable the feature via the 'Add-ons' section - located on your admin toolbar - and set the social media links on your homepage.

Twitter and Facebook feeds can be integrated at either club or team level, while we've also added a new 'Share' feature to all pages across your club website.

This will appear in the right hand margin of your website page and will allow any visitor to your site to share any page via Facebook, Twitter, email and various other social media. Just click on the '+' symbol to view more sharing options.

Our new social media feature will move from beta to full launch next week so, to all administrators, please keep an eye on your admin message inbox, for news of the launch and more details on how to get started.

Needless to say, you will need a Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube account to use the new feature and being to integrate your social media pages with your club website.


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