Earn cash & equipment for your team with new betting feature

Club Website is very pleased to announce a brand new opportunity for all of our registered over-18s teams to earn cash and receive kit and equipment.

Club Website already offers teams dedicated areas for sponsors, an online cashback scheme and an integrated e-commerce platform.

Our new partnership with My Club Betting will significantly enhance our offering, and allow teams to create a new revenue stream and receive kit and equipment with their own personalised betting service.

The new service, which will go live in January, allows teams to earn 20% of all revenues generated by their betting service, plus new kit and equipment, when players, officials and supporters bet on multiple sports.

There are no set-up fees, no running costs and Club Website and My Club Betting will take care of all ongoing administration.

My Club Betting will even supply your team with personalised marketing materials, including flyers and posters, to help you promote your new betting service to players and supporters alike.

Over-18 team administrators can add the new service to their website via the 'Add-ons' section located on your administration toolbar.

Once there, simply enable the 'My Club Betting' feature and provide a few details.

Your new personalised, multi-sport betting service will be activated through January, allowing your team to start generating cash and new kit and equipment.

Keep an eye on your administration inbox for details of the launch in January. Over-18s teams only.


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