Welsh Premier League and Club Website join forces

Wales' top flight clubs on board to give websites the Club Website treatment for 2014/15 season

Club Website and the Welsh Premier League have teamed up for the 2014/15 season to boost the online presence of Wales' top clubs and strengthen the league's brand.

The deal has seen a number of Wales' top flight clubs already take advantage of Club Website's bespoke club service for the start of the new 2014/15 season, with others to follow throughout the year.

Clubs are benefitting from a tailored product that builds on our usual first rate club service, whilst Club Website is also assisting clubs with website design work to strengthen the identity of both their club and the Welsh Premier League (WPL) as whole.

WPL Community Promotions Officer Steve Lloyd said: "As always we try to assist each of the WPL member clubs in various areas including branding, marketing and advertising.

"The league wanted to create a brand vision that gave a stronger experience, perception and identity, relating to a look and feel which communicated core targeted messages for the clubs across their website presence."

Welsh Premier League clubs will now have access to the following via their club websites:

- Bespoke system only for WPL clubs
- Consistent WPL brand across website
- Drag and drop easy layout control
- Less administration through league website feeds
- Integrated CRM, email & SMS communication features
- E-commerce service through the Club Shop
- Track and build database for marketing and sales
- Social media and other media integration
- Optimised for mobile application
- Commercial and sponsorship opportunities

One person delighted with the switch to Club Website was Mike Jones, Managing Director of Rhyl FC - currently seventh in the WPL table.

“We’re very pleased with the new website," said Jones. "It’s been very important for us, especially when communicating with the supporters.

"The project is very exciting and there is still a lot more we aim to use and gain from the service. The fans have responded fantastically to it and love the new look and feel.”

Club Website Director Richard Stenson said: “We are thrilled about the new partnership with the WPL and are looking forward to assisting them, and their member clubs, in the coming season and beyond.

"Our suite of first class website services will help WPL clubs to strengthen their brand and increase engagement with their fans and followers.”

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