Goal-line technology - coming to a park near you!

Cries of "goal ref!" could become a thing of the past in grassroots football thanks to revolutionary new goal-line technology.

Previously the domain of the Premier League and FIFA, the breakthrough product from APR Sport Solutions could bring cutting-edge technology to millions of footballers in parks across the country.

The revolutionary new APR Sense Goal-line System uses tiny sensors attached to the back of goalposts that trigger when the whole ball crosses the goal-line.

But you can't just use any old football if you want the system to work.

The genius of the system, according to Andy Pulman-Richards, inventor and founder of APR Sport Solutions, is in their APR01 ball. The coating of the ball contains a breakthrough poly-metallic paint that triggers the sensors even when passed at the highest speeds.

"We believe we have struck football gold" says Andy Pulman-Richards. "The APR Sense Goal-line System will provide any football team or league with the confidence that the most important call in a game of football, whether or not the ball crossed the line, will always be the right one."

The APR Sense system is currently available for £99.99 - a price point that may price rule out for many grassroots teams, but one which the company hope to reduce in the near future as it rolls out to the mass market.

"European football's major governing bodies are all trialling the system, so we hope to have it endorsed across the continent in the next 12 months," said Pulman-Richards.

The APR Sense system is making waves at the very top of the game, with UEFA officials rumoured to be very impressed. If the system passes their stringent testing procedures, it could become mandatory in all amateur football matches across Europe as early as the 2015/16 season.

Further trials may be required, however, if a rumoured fault with the system is found to be true. Some users have reported the sensors to be triggered by jewellery or mobile phones.

"Well football players shouldn't be wearing jewellery or using mobile phones anyway," said Pulman-Richards, "so we don't see this as a significant problem."

If you're in agreement that this is just a minor technicality, you can pick up the APR Sense Goal-Line System via the APR website.

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