Sky Sports focus on grassroots football - get involved!

Sky Sports News are placing a focus on grassroots football and they've called on Club Website members to get involved.

They want to hear from our members in the UK and Ireland on the state of grassroots game in their local area, with a focus on participation in 11-a-side football.

Do you still play the 11-a-side game, or are you among the thousands of people to have given it up in recent years? Either way, Sky Sports News want to hear from you - and so do Club Website!

FA figures show that over 2,000 11-a-side teams have folded since 2011, so why have participation levels been hit? If you've given up playing football in recent years, why is that the case?

And what have local clubs and leagues been doing to encourage people to play the game? If you're not involved in the grassroots game, what would make you get involved?

Grassroots football - have your say!

There are two ways to join the debate and have your say on grassroots football:

1. Visit and complete the survey - just 10 quick questions!

2. Tell us your grassroots football stories using the comments section below. Anything on participation in football and the state of the grassroots game in your area.

Both positive and negative stories are welcome - your experience of things that might either encourage or discourage people to play at grassroots level. Anything from poor facilities and bad behaviour to community schemes or initiatives to get people playing - we'd love to hear from you.

Sky Sports News are looking for clubs or leagues to take part in a series of features in the coming weeks. Your feedback will be monitored and Sky Sports News could be in touch with you.

So please complete the survey and give us your stories - It's good to debate the big issues in grassroots football but we can't do that without you, so let's get to the root of the problem.

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