Football Foundation passes £1bn investment landmark

UK’s largest sports charity reaches milestone investment into grassroots sport in England.

The Football Foundation has announced that is has now supported more than £1 billion of grassroots sports projects.

Since launching in 2000, the Foundation has funded 12,007 projects with grants worth £473m, which it has used to attract a further £732m in additional partnership funding. This totals a staggering £1.205bn of investment into the grassroots game.

During this time, the Foundation’s grassroots facilities investment has helped to develop:

* 819 changing facilities
* 2,474 real grass pitches
* 469 artificial grass pitches
* 90 multi-use games areas

The Football Foundation is the largest sports charity in the UK and is funded by a unique partnership between the Premier League, the FA and Government, via Sport England, who recently committed to £102m investment in grassroots football over the next three years – £12m per year from the Premier League and the FA and £10m from Sport England.

Whilst the Foundation’s core funding has been almost halved since 2000 – each of the three partners initially invested £20m a year, a total of £180m over three years – the Foundation continues to do amazing work with the funds they have at their disposal to improve facilities for grassroots football teams around the country.

By developing more new and refurbished grassroots sports facilities every year, the Foundation improving the quality and experience of playing sport at the grassroots level to sustain and increase participation, whilst ongoing support for projects ensures that its funds achieve the best possible sustainable outcomes.

Last season football participation increased on average by 9% over the previous year across all projects that the Foundation has invested in since 2000, while multi-sport participation increased by 12.4% at those same projects.

Congratulations to our friends at the Football Foundation from all of us here at Club Website. Keep up the good work! To find out more about the Foundation’s work, visit

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  1. Jim O'Rourke on May 23, 2015 at 10:59 am

    We ought to be aware though, that there are very many clubs with no facilities of their own.

    This leaves those clubs very vulnerable to price increases for hiring facilities and there is no way the weekly subs can meet these hire costs.
    I know some teams have just dissapeared from the leagues, gone because they can’t afford to continue.

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