Mixed football extended to under-15s

FA rule change will allows boys and girls in England to play football together at under-15s level next season

Boys and girls as old as 15 will be able to play football in the same team in England next season following a change in regulations by the Football Association.

FA shareholders unanimously voted to raise the age limit for mixed football from under-14s to under-15s in a bid to increase the number the number of girls playing football.

The FA says that the change, which will come into effect for the start of the 2013-14 season, will enable them to "conduct further research into mixed football at this older age group".

It will be third time in three seasons that the age limit for mixed football has been raised, having moved from under-11s to under-13s for the 2011/12 season and then up to under-14s at the start of this season.

The FA has received positive feedback to the previous changes and has been encouraged to continue offering more opportunities for young girls to play football. The rule change aims to support the development of female players by providing greater flexibility for any girl who wants to play football.

The resolution to increase the age limit was approved by FA shareholders at their Annual General Meeting last week, having first been passed by the FA Board, FA Executive and FA Council.

“This is really great news," said Kelly Simmons, Director of the National Game and Women’s Football at the FA.

"We are delighted that the FA Shareholders fully supported the rule change to enable boys and girls to play in the same teams if they wish to do so up to the under-15 age limit.

“The most important thing is to give girls who want to play football the choice.”

Image courtesy of TheFA.com

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