The Kids Coach: What if my child wants to quit?

Football provides lots of fun for millions of kids across the UK, but what if the fun stops and your child wants to quit the game? Kids Coach Naomi Richards takes a look.

We all know that children have off days when it comes to playing sport.

In the past I have written about team members who are not always consistent in their game. I have also written about keeping a child’s belief going that they are a good player even when at times they don’t see that they are.

What do we do then, after we have tried to build up our child’s self-belief and confidence, make them realise they are a valuable and well respected team member and we know that they play well, but they still want to quit?

Their heart was probably in it when they started playing football. They may have chosen to play because their friends were – some may now have dropped out or, as your child is getting older, they realise that the commitment to playing football is greater than they expected.

Whatever reason they give for wanting to quit, do we support their decision and accept it just like that? How can we be sure that they are making the right decision and they will have no regrets later?

Well, I think there are a series of questions we can ask them so that they are 100% sure it is the right decision for them – they may have been having a wobble when they said they want to quit. The types of question to ask before they make that final decision are:

* What is it about football they no longer like?
* They may say players, the coach or training, so ask them what it is about 'x' that they don’t like.
* If they did not play with those team mates or the coach, would that make a difference?
* Would they prefer to play for another team?
* What would have to happen for them to continue football? They may say nothing.
* How would they feel if they were not playing football?
* If they did not play football what would they do instead?
* If your child says that they find the football training hard, ask them if there is an alternative to hard work?
* Really get them to think about their dreams and their passions. If they are not bothered about playing football any more, will they have any regrets later on?
* Would they really be happier not having the commitment?

These questions can be asked to your child whatever age they are, so long as you use the right tone of voice, make the questions easy to understand and age-approriate.

By using these questions, together you can come to a conclusion.

The most important thing to remember here is that playing football should be fun. If it is no longer fun for them, then we should do all we can to help football become fun again.

Many children drop out of football altogether, and if that is what our children really want, then we need to support them.

But first we should do all we can to help them enjoy the game, and to make sure they really think about how they would feel if football wasn't part of their lives at all.


Naomi Richards is The Kids Coach – a life coach for children. Her first book, The Parent's Toolkit, shares key life tools for you to help your children successfully navigate their own childhood problems and grow up into happy, confident and resilient young adults.

The Parent's Toolkit was described by The Sun as “clear and to the point... a must-read for parents”. It is published by Vermillion and is available to buy on

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