The Wednesday Word: Unsporting? Opportunistic?

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Shaktar Donetsk striker Luiz Adriano scored one of the most controversial goals in Champions League history last night.

The Brazilian scored a hatrick in his club’s 5-2 Group E win over FC Nordsjaelland, but the first goal left a sour taste in the mouth for many observers.

Having stopped play following an injury to Nordsjaelland player, the referee restarted play with an uncontested drop-ball, as is customary.

Players on both sides stopped as Shaktar’s Willian played the ball back towards Jesper Hansen in the Nordsjaelland goal, before Adriano intercepted an the pass, rounded Hansen and slotted home to tie the game at 1-1. [Continues below >>]

Whether a result of a misunderstading, a difference in footballing cultures, a moment of opportunism or simply an unsporting act, the goal sparked a furious response from the Nordsjaelland players and management.

Amidst scenes of rancour and confusion, some Donetsk players stood off to allow Nordsjaelland to score unopposed from the restart, but others – including Adriano himself – closed the ball down and prevented the attack.

The Norweigian champions re-took the lead soon after but Shaktar eventually ran out 5-2 winners, much to the chagrin of Nordsjaelland’s sporting director Jan Laursen.

“I hope my boy was in bed by the time Shakhtar scored a goal of that character – that sort of thing doesn’t belong anywhere,” he said.

The grassroots view – what would you do?

Let’s apply the same situation to your grassroots game. Your striker scores in similar circumstances and you’re the gaffer. How do you get your team to respond?

Would you allow the opposition to score unopposed from the kick-off? Or is it all fair in love and football, so you take whatever breaks you can get?

There are loads of ways to have your say:

* Vote in our online poll via your club or league website (or on our demo site)
* Get involved on Facebook or Twitter
* Tell us what you think in the comments section below

We’ll be back next Wednesday to get the definitive grassroots word on the big football question of the day.

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  1. Ray on November 26, 2012 at 11:44 pm

    I suppose fair play was required here, but if my team scored in a similar way, I would have to accept it no qualms at all.
    By the way it was a good goal.

    It’s up to your team to be on guard all the time, the only way to avoid such future situations.

    (Toxtethredsrus twitter)

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