Happy birthday football!

The world's oldest football club, Sheffield FC, is 155 years old today.

Formed on 24 October 1857, the club is officially recognised by the FIFA and the FA to be the world’s first registered club that is still alive and playing football in amateur competition.

Sheffield FC is also a proud owner a FIFA Centennial Order of Merit for its achievements in football history, awarded in 2007 alongside only Real Madrid.

Having retained its amateur status for over 150 years, the world’s first club holds a number of firsts in football: the first free kick, the first corner kick, the first throw-in, the first floodlit match, the first header and the first use of a solid crossbar.

The club and its founders, William Prest and Nathanial Creswick wrote the first official rulebook of football, which defined the founding principles of the game as it is still played today.

In addition to the definitions of rules, laws and regulations of the game, the founding members also developed the fundamental values of the game of football: Integrity, Respect and Community.

So happy birthday to Sheffield FC and happy birthday football!

You can share the birthday message on Facebook at facebook.com/1857Football or on Twitter with the hashtag #happybirthdayfootball.

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