Get your club more sponsors for the season ahead!

As the new football season rolls ever closer, we've had a number of people ask us about the best way to attract sponsors to their club or team.

Now here at Club Website, we know that getting sponsorship is the worst job in the club - been there, done that!

That's why we've arranged for a number of ways for you to raise extra finance for your club via your club website.

Your website's Cashback section allows everyone at your club to raise extra funds for the kitty every time they shop for their day-to-day stuff online, whilst your Club Shop gives you an easy-to-use and secure platform to sell your own merchandise.

Take a look at the 'Money for Nothing' section on our Club Tour page for more details - raising money for your club has never been so easy!

Getting the sponsors in!

Of course, the other great way to get some much-needed funds into your club is to find some sponsors who will gladly part with their hard-earned cash in exchange for your club giving them some publicity in return.

As a club, every bit of extra visibility you can offer a sponsor can be used as a bargaining chip for a few extra quid, so we've set up your club website with this in mind.

Your sponsors' logos will appear on every page of your club/team website and you can add details of each sponsor, including a link to their website, to a dedicated sponsors page.

You can even give one or more sponsor the premium treatment - and charge them a 'premium' fee! - by using your Sponsors pod.

For full details on how to make the most of your Sponsors sections, check out our Club Website Help pages. Once you're ready to go, head out and speak to those people and businesses in your local area who are just waiting to sponsor your club!

We've pulled together a few of our own top tips for attracting new sponsors. But we don't know best - well, not always! - so we put the question out there to you lot via our Facebook page and, as ever, we got a cracking response.

The full discussion can still be found dated 19 July our Facebook timeline, but we've included a few of your top tips below - from meeting businesses face-to-face to doing a sponsorship raffle.

Hope it all helps and good luck for the season ahead!


Sponsors - Club Website's top tips

* Get your club website Sponsors section to look the part first. If you don't yet have any sponsors, set up a dummy account or two to demonstrate how it works

* Go close to home first. Speak to any players, club members or supporters who run a business and see if they're interested

* Speak to local suppliers to the club (e.g. sports shops, caterers, the local pub) who might be interested in going a step further

* Speak to other local businesses (if you are already known by them, all the better) and find a link between your club and that business (locality, customers, players)

* Whoever you speak to, show them your club website and tell them how much visibility it will help them get in the local community. If you have loads of hits, show them!


Sponsors - Club Website members' top tips

We asked our Facebook members "What methods do you use to attract sponsors to your club? Which methods are most successful?"

The reaction we got was fantastic. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Colin Bain: "I found going into see local company's worked best. Face to face."

Mark Berry: “Begging! Tap up local business, find out which companies parents work for and see if they will offer sponsorship. Each team tries and gets sponsorship for their playing kit - so far each team has found a parent who has contacts in the right places and managed to get most, if not all, paid for by sponsors.”

Warren Killen: “Visit local businesses in person and have a chat, tell them what they would get for sponsoring your club. We got strips, polo shirts, sub suits & jackets, full sets of training kit...”

Scott Upton: “We charge local companies £10 each to put their business card in a raffle. The winning card gets their logo on our kit.”

Neil Callaby: “The £10 a ticket raffle works brilliantly. We did that at Pentney FC a few years ago and the winner (Keith Bass Cars of Swaffham) has supported us ever since. It takes a bit of legwork and one or two rejections, but most small businesses we spoke to were only too happy to help.”

Darren Little: "Before last season starting, myself and the team's assistant done a sponsorship walk down the main street in our local borough with letters for businesses. Luckily we had four interested from international, national & local companies.

“Not just dropping off 'begging letters', but get to meet the people in your area. If you visit 50-odd companies over a few days and get just 5% response, then it will have been worth it, especially when you get new kit & equipment for your team.

“Got to get out & spread the word, some of the companies need to be involved in community projects, so are willing to help out. Plus, of course, advertising on our Club Website page helps out.”

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