Lucozade Sport Performance Day - Hydration

As part of the Lucozade Sport Performance Day, Club Website sides Ightham FC and Barn Elms United received expert hydration advice from Lucozade Sport scientist Tess Morris.

Every player underwent hydration testing - including urine tests and body weight tests - before and after each 45 minute game to inform players of how hydrated they were and how much fluid they lost during the action on the pitch.

Ightham FC's Rupert Sargest found out he was almost four percent dehydrated before he even started playing, while Barn Elms player-manager Trevor Symons was shown to be sweating nearly one litre of fluid per 45 minutes!

Tess explained to all of the players the importance of hydration for good performance and gave them an insight into when and how much to drink to ensure they go Faster. Stronger. For longer.

Check out this video on the hydration testing and find out the players' thoughts below:

Christian Hitchcock of Ightham FC said: “The hydration testing was quite a shock to a few people, particularly myself. I was horrendously dehydrated from the start.

"We’ve taken it into consideration, so that when we play we’ll keep ourselves hydrated from the night before. We didn’t realise how much difference that can make to the way you played.”

Michael Short, captain of Barn Elms, said: "“We’ve learned a lot today about hydration and the fact that water isn’t the best thing for you. The salts in Lucozade Sport are probably going to help you a lot more.

"We learned that our team are probably the worst of the four teams here in terms of hydration and we’ve got to pick it up for the season to come."

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