Lucozade Sport Performance Day - Coaching

As part of the Lucozade Sport Performance Day, Club Website sides Ightham FC and Barn Elms United received expert tactical advice from a qualified FA coach.

Ightham were placed in the capable hands of Birmingham City Ladies player and former England international Jo Potter, whilst Barn Elms were taken under the wing of Jamie Godbold, team leader of the FA Tesco Skills team in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Both coaches put their players through their paces before kick-off with some work focussed on speed and agility to ensure the players got out of the blocks fast and were ready to go Faster. Stronger. For longer.

After 45 minutes on the pitch, both teams received some valuable tactical insight from their coach for the day, who discussed with them ways to improve their performance in the second leg of the game.

Amongst the numerous points of advice, Potter encouraged Ightham to close the gap between their defence and midfield in a bid to prevent the opposition from playing, whilst Godbold asked Barn Elms to up the tempo when they entered the final third.

Check out this video on the coaching and find out the players' thoughts below:

Ightham FC's Christian Hitchcock said: “Tactically, we’ve learned that we need to pull our defence up with our midfield and not leave gaps in between the two, working as a team from front to back. Jo was amazing, knew her stuff. Loved it."

Barn Elms captain Michael Short said: “We’ve learned a lot from Jamie. He told us that the defensive line has got to come up a bit closer. We’ve got a player in the middle of the park who doesn’t like to go forward and he’s probably got to go forward a bit better.”

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