Grassroots football - the beautiful game

The world of grassroots football is a beautiful place.

It's a world full of colour, life, energy and passion and, whether it's a pre-match handshake, a goal being scored or a big celebration, when you capture the grassroots game at the right time the results can be quite special, as your photos prove.

Over the last few weeks we've been inundated with your snaps capturing the essence of grassroots football. We've had a great time looking through them all and checking out some of your great grassroots football moments.

We're building up a fantastic collection of photos which we're enjoying sharing with you here and on our new-look Facebook page, where a new grassroots photo takes pride of place at the top of the page each week and you can vote for your favourite each month.

Your favourite photo each month will win a prize from our Club Website goody bag, so please keep the photos coming and we'll keep sharing them. If you have a snap that you’d like to send in, please email it to

Please note:
- Include your name and that of your club so that we can credit the photo to both
- All photos will be accepted, though they must be in landscape format and at least 850 pixels wide to be eligible for display as our Facebook cover image

So to any other budding David Baileys out there: please keep the photos coming. We look forward to seeing yet more evidence of why they call it the beautiful game.

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