FA launch 'Opening Doors & Joining In' campaign

The English FA this week launched their Opening Doors and Joining In campaign, aiming to tackle homophobia and transphobia within football.

Darren Bailey, The FA’s Director of Football Governance and Regulation, pledged that strong action was being taken in terms of the rules and processes of the game, but acknowledged that reporting of issues was key for effective governance.

“Homophobic and transphobic abuse is unacceptable and will be punished," said Bailey. "It has no place in society and no place in football. We have the rules, we have the commitment and we have made a promise to change the culture of the game. What we need is to know when abuse happens.”

Adrian Bevington, Managing Director of Club England, said that the FA were hoping to promote a culture where a person's sexual orientation is not an issue.

"We want to ensure that if any player wishes to be open about their sexuality, then they can do it with the full support of the FA. We want a 'So what?' culture in football," he said.

Find out more about the Opening Doors and Joining In campaign in the video below:

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