Put your football question to the masses!

Having a debate on football with a team mate but need some serious numbers to settle the argument?

Why not let Club Website help you sort it out!

Our online polls feature right across our network of club and league websites, straight to the heart of the game in the UK's grassroots football community.

The polls get thousands of votes cast every single week, so if you want to put a question to the masses then we're the people to help.

It couldn't be simpler to sort out either. Just leave a comment below or email us at clubnews@clubwebsite.co.uk and your question could be the talking point in changing rooms right across the country!

So, if you’ve got an interesting question on any aspect of the grassroots game, send it to us and we might just put it to the masses.

Find out what the people think and settle that debate once and for all!

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