Help tackle homelessness this Christmas

One billion people will be homeless this Christmas.

Over the festive period the Homeless World Cup is raising money to support their work across the world, combating homelessness by giving homeless people a hand-up, not a hand-out.

The Homeless World Cup is a unique, pioneering social enterprise which exists to end homelessness. It uses football to energise homeless people to change their own lives.

Each year the Homeless World Cup supports an international network of 70+ partner organisations, creating grassroots football projects that take homeless people from the street to the football pitch and encourage them to beat addiction, find employment and education and rebuild relationships with family and friends.

The charity celebrates their year-round work by running an annual international football tournament that unites teams of homeless people from countries around the globe.

The tenth edition of the Homeless World Cup tournament will take place in Mexico City in October 2012.

No one wishes to be homeless, yet one billion people worldwide will find themselves unsheltered, hungry and isolated this Christmas. This situation is unacceptable.

You can help the Homeless World Cup to make a difference today.

How can I help the Homeless World Cup tackle homelessness?

1. Make your donation today at

2. Spread the word about the Homeless World Cup and their work to combat homelessness around the world.

3. Update your Facebook profile picture or Twitter background with the Homeless World Cup campaign banners - see their Flickr page for details.


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