Tough financial times for grassroots football?

When one of the UK's most successful grassroots football teams is struggling financially, it makes one wonder how every other grassroots club is getting on.

Senrab FC have a rich history for producing talent - Jermaine Defoe, Ledley King and Ray Wilkins all played for the club - but the East London club were on the brink of financial collapse last month before being saved by their most famous old boy, England captain John Terry.

But of course not every club can call on a professional footballer to come to their rescue, which raises the question of how many other teams are close to folding.

Whilst a game of football costs next to nothing to play - just a ball and some jumpers for goalposts - running a club can cost a small fortune.

Pitch hire, changing rooms, registration fees, referee fees, coaching courses, CRB checks, transport, fines... the list goes on.

None of these costs are coming down in the current climate, which means that many clubs have to either increase subs for players or raise club funds via sponsorship or fundraising.

How are your club coping financially?

Here at Club Website, we're interested to know how your club is doing in the current financial climate. Have your outgoing costs gone up in the last year or two?

If so, how are you coping with the increase?  Are all costs met by club fees and fundraising or do you get help from sponsors and/or council grants?

Does Senrab’s financial plight sound familiar? Are you worried about the future for your club? Do you know any other clubs struggling to survive because of a lack of funds?

We want to hear from you on this important issue for the grassroots game, so please leave your comments below.

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