FA youth football proposals get grassroots support

The FA's proposed changes for youth football in England have won support from the majority of the grassroots football community, a Club Website poll can reveal.

If the proposals - outlined in The Club House last month - are accepted, the 2013/14 season will feature more small-sided football, including new 5v5 and 9v9 formats, no 11-a-side football until under 13 level and no league tables for under 11s.

The plans, which would mean a radical overhaul of the current setup, have got Club Website members talking like no other before. And while the debate on these pages is still raging, the majority of people appear to be in favour of the changes.

Asked if they were in overall favour of the proposals, 56% of respondents offered the FA their support (33% "strongly in favour" and 23% "in favour") while the remainder were split evenly. 22% of respondents were against the proposals (12% "strongly against" and 10% "against") while the same number (22%) did not express a view.

If the latter group were to be discounted - indeed, those responding that they "don't know/care" about the proposals could include people from outside England and/or those not involved in youth football - the figures become even more encouraging, with support rising to 72%.

Taking your views to the top

As promised last month, we've fed all of your comments to date back to the Football Association and their National Development Manager for Youth and Mini-soccer, Nick Levett, for consideration as part of the consultation process.

The issues raised have no doubt been debated long at hard at youth football clubs and leagues across the country - many of which Levett has visited to discuss the proposals - but we're sure that the debate here at Club Website captures a cross section of the grassroots community like no other.

With this in mind, we're sure that the FA will be interested to hear what Club Website members have to say, so as soon as we hear anything back from them in response to your feedback, we'll be sure to let you know.

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Club Website poll result:

The FA has outlined proposed changes to the structure of youth football in England. Are you in overall favour of the proposals?

* Strongly in favour  33.1%
* In favour  23.2%
* Don't know/care  21.7%
* Strongly against 11.7%
* Against  10.3%

Total votes cast: 7,857

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