Wembley launch for FA grassroots coaching blueprint

Football coaches from across the spectrum of the game have gathered at Wembley Stadium today as the FA launch a new blueprint for the future of football coaching in England.

England managers Fabio Capello, Hope Powell and Stuart Pearce will join over 600 grassroots coaches at the launch of The Future Game, a technical document aimed at developing a new generation of young players through age- appropriate football coaching.

The coaches, all members of the FA's Coaching Association (FACA), will hear from England's senior coaches along with Sir Trevor Brooking and Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce.

A lucky handful have also been selected to participate in a coaching session on Wembley's hallowed turf, aimed at bringing The Future Game to life.

Brooking, the FA's Director of Football Development, said that in the wake of FIFA's decision on the 2018 World Cup, nurturing the future of the game is more crucial to the FA than ever.

"After the disappointment of last week's World Cup Bid decision, it's more important than ever that we concentrate on the future of football development of our young players and a strong coaching workforce behind them.

"If we want to create decent young players, we need coaches who can engage children in the game and make them fall in love with football.

"The Future  Game is about giving players a positive experience of football - an experience which captures their imagination, ignites their enthusiasm and keeps them hungry to learn."

The Future Game - which follows a professional version of the document published in May this year (left) - highlights the differences between the game at grassroots and professional level, whilst providing practical advice and theory for coaches of players of all ages and all abilities.

Designed for coaches and teachers, the guide addresses issues around skill development, competitiveness in youth football and the environment in which best to educate young players in supportive and challenging way.

The Future Game document is presented as a box-set and contains a guide to the FA's coaching philosophy, coaching theory advice, over 200 age-appropriate session plans for practical use and a DVD outlining the coaching pathway and opportunities for coaches of all abilities.

The document is available to buy at www.TheFALearningShop.com priced £29.99 plus postage & packing.

Club Website will bring you more from the Future Game Conference and the speakers attending, so watch this space!

Dan Pope, Club Website editor


Have your say: Is The Future Game the right way forward?

What do you think about The Future Game? Is it good to have a coaching blueprint specifically for the game's grassroots? If you are a youth coach, do you feel part of the bigger picture for the future of the national game?

Do you intend to buy the document?  And what do you think of the price? Is forking out over £30 too much or is that a bargain for all of the coaching advice contained in the document?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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