Help is at hand where football needs it

Football needs teachers, prison officers, naval officers, firefighters and singers

Football needs you. That was the English FA's message when they launched their latest campaign to attract new coaches to the game.

The good news for them and the home nations' other FAs is that Club Website members are ready to answer the call.

A recent Club Website poll revealed that almost two-thirds of our members are either involved in coaching already or would consider doing so in the future.

46% of people surveyed said they would consider qualifying to become a grassroots coach while 20% said that they were already a qualified coach or were training to become one.

16% of respondents were too young to consider becoming a coach, leaving only 17% ruling out taking up coaching altogether, so less than one in five ruling it out!

These figures will be music to the ears of the home nation's Football Associations, who hope that an increase in coaches at grassroots level could help pave the way for finding the playing stars of the future.

The 'Football Needs' campaign launched by the English FA last month aims to recruit 50,000 new Level One coaches by 2011, along with 8,000 new referees by 2012.

Of course, Level One coaches alone will not transform youth development in England or elsewhere in the UK, but getting a new influx of coaches would be a good start - a point made in October's edition of The Club House.

It remains to be seen how many of those interested would follow through on this interest, but those responsible for football development in the UK will no doubt be pleased that a strong appetite to get into coaching exists within the grassroots community.

Dan Pope, Club Website editor

Poll result: Would you consider qualifying to become a grassroots football coach?——————————————————————————

Club Website poll result:

Would you consider qualifying to become a grassroots football coach?

* I'm interested  46.4%
* Already a coach / training to be one  20.1%
* Too young to think about that!  16.2%
* Not for me  12.0%
* Too expensive / time consuming  5.3%

Total votes cast: 4,816


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