Put your question to the footballing masses!

Poll_matesHave you got a burning question about football in the UK that you'd love to put out there and find out what the rest of the grassroots community think?

Do you want to gauge opinion on the issues that matter to you and the people you play football with week in week out?

Or maybe you just want to settle a debate with a team mate but need some serious numbers to back you up?

If your answer to any of those questions is "yes", then you're in the right place, as Club Website gives you just that chance!

Our opinion polls run right across our entire network of 39,000 teams and 300 leagues, with thousands of votes cast every single week.

So, if you've got an interesting question from your football club and you want to find out what the people think, you could put it to the masses with just one simple email to us!

With a huge reach across the amateur football community, our poll results tend to capture the attention of people across the game, whether they be journalists, broadcasters or officials at governing bodies.

And the reason for that? Simple.

Our polls get straight to the heart of the matter with you the British footballing public.  If people want to know what matters out there in the real game of grassroots football, then there's no better gauge of opinion.

So drop us an email, tell us what you’re talking about, and we can spread the question right across the footballing masses!


Your chance to ask the nation!

If you have a question that you’d like us to put to the UK's footballing public, simply post it in our comments section below, or email it to us at clubnews@clubwebsite.co.uk.

We promise to look through all of your suggestions and will post the pick of them on our club website network for the masses to have their say. Easy as that!

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