Club Website hitting the capital this weekend

Club Website 'condemned' signsClub Website will be hitting the road again this weekend as our facilities tour heads to London, so if you play your football in the capital then get in touch!

Since we kicked off our Football Revolution at the start of this season you’ve been telling us that you’re not happy with the state of football facilities in this country, so we’ve been getting out there to take a look at some of them.

Over the last couple of months, we've been on the road to take a look at facilities in Birmingham and South Yorkshire... both pretty eye-opening experiences we can tell you!

Now, after trips up north and to the Midlands, we thought it was time to focus on the south of the country, so we'll be hitting the capital this weekend to see what's out there.

People have told us that the facilities in Clapham Common in South London are pretty shocking, so that's where we'll be this Sunday 14 March.

We’ll be getting a guided tour of the changing rooms to see if they are as bad as we've been told, whilst taking the chance to speak to a few players and managers from the local sides that have to put up with the facilities on a regular basis.

We want to take up this case – and others – on behalf of the clubs concerned and try to get something done about this big issue for clubs up and down the country, but it’s only through speaking to you lot out there that we can really cut to the heart of the issue.

So, if you’re anywhere in the South London area and you fancy chewing the fat about grassroots football issues over a game of Sunday League football then come and see us… it would be great to see you.

What's more, if you play your football in the South London area and you're not happy with the facilities at your disposal, there’s still time for us to pay you a visit this weekend.

Get in touch with details of your facilities, along with a few photos and we might just swing by and say hello! In fact, no matter where you are, if your facilities are no good then we want to hear about them!

Wherever your facilities are... if they need improving let us know!

Club Website 'condemned' signWherever you play your football, if you’re not happy with the facilities at your disposal then we want to hear from you.

We want to see your photos and videos to add to our 'dodgy dossier' that we've been collating over the last few months. The more clubs we hear from the stronger our position will be when we address the issue with the powers that be.

Email your pictures and videos to, post them on our Facebook page or give us your thoughts in our comments section below.

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