Captains 'must command respect' say Club Website users as Terry dropped as England captain

Most CW poll: captainfootballers believe that a captain must have the respect of the dressing room for their actions off the pitch, a Club Website poll can reveal.

As the FA announced that John Terry has been dropped as England captain, a Club Website poll of over 3,500 users revealed that 78 percent would choose to strip a player of their captaincy if they lost the respect of the dressing room for non-footballing matters.

After a week of speculation about the England captaincy following allegations about Terry’s private life in the national press, England boss Fabio Capello announced his decision after a meeting with the Chelsea captain at Wembley.

“After much thought, I have made the decision that it will be best for me to take the captaincy away from John Terry,” Capello said in a statement issued by the FA.

“As a captain with the team, John Terry has displayed extremely positive behaviour. However, I have to take into account other considerations and what is best for all of the England squad. What is best for all of the England team has inspired my choice.”

The FA logoFinding out what is best for your team was the reason for our Club Website poll.  We wanted to test the mood of the football-playing public so we asked users how they would feel if their own captain’s leadership qualities were called into question.

78 percent of users said that if their team’s captain lost the respect of players in the dressing room for their actions off the pitch that they should be stripped of the captaincy.

Whilst the majority believe that a captain must be a role model off the pitch as well as on it, others argue that off-the-pitch matters don’t come into it.

22 percent of Club Website users back up this viewpoint, saying that they would keep their captain in charge even if they were to lose the respect of some players from within their squad.

The debate will no doubt run all the way to this summer’s World Cup but, as Terry reflects on recent events, he knows he won’t be leading his country onto the field in South Africa.

Instead, his centre back partner Rio Ferdinand – today promoted from his vice-captain role to take the armband – will be the man dreaming of the greatest prize for any football captain – lifting the World Cup trophy.

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Club Website poll result:

If your team’s captain loses the respect of players in the dressing room for their actions off the pitch, should they be stripped of the captaincy?

– Yes 78.0%
– No 22.0%

Total votes cast: 3,565

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  1. Tom Reid on February 5, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    If what’s been written in the papers is true then this was the only possible outcome. There’s no way a captain can lead a bunch of players out on to the pitch if he’s betrayed the trust of one of them!

    Fair play Capello for stepping up to the mark when loads of people were trying to make excuses and find reasons for keeping him on. Now let’s move on and all get behind Rio!

  2. Steve Stennett on February 12, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    As much as I agree with Tom Reids comments, in the fact that TRUST is everything especially when Captain, it does annoy me when the press not only bring out the original story but then go looking and digging for more – it never fails to amaze me that they go to the ends of the earth to find out more DIRT, which frankly I as a member of the public don’t want to know – John Terry isn’t the first nor will he be the last to do this sort of thing, and quite frankly there are more important aspects of life for the press to report on such as those soldiers risking their lives so we can lead better ones – I would like to know more about that not what John Terry does in his private life – Anyway lets getr behind England and the new Captain although I am sure the press will have plenty to say about Rio in the months to come!!!



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