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Poll_matesWant to settle a debate with a team mate but need some serious numbers to back you up?

Want to put a question to the vote with thousands of people waiting to respond?  Well now you can, courtesy of Club Website!

With just one simple email to us, we could put your question to the UK's amateur football community with our online poll.

Club Website's polls run across our entire club network with thousands of votes cast every single week.

So, if you've got an interesting question from your football club and you want to find out what the people think, send it in to us and we might just stick it on our website!

That's exactly what club website administrator Eddie Carvalho did recently... and his question got the Club Website treatment!

As all you eagle-eyed folk will no doubt have noticed, a recent club website poll posed the following tasty little question:

"If a team wins a Fair Play Award for the season but then, at the start of the following season, their behaviour is called into question just days before the trophy is due to be presented, should they be allowed to receive the award?"

This was the unfortunate situation that Eddie found his club in at the start of this season and, with his County FA refusing to present the award to them, he felt that they that they had been unfairly treated.

So Eddie dropped us a line and asked us to put the question to you lot out there to find out if he had any support for his cause.

You responded in your thousands, with two thirds of you supporting Eddie's claim that his team should still have received the award.

So although the team never got to pick up their prize, at least they have been vindicated by you, the Great British footballing public!


Your chance to ask the nation!

If you have a question that you’d like us to put to the UK's footballing public, simply post it in our comments section below, or email it to us a clubnews@clubwebsite.co.uk.

We promise to look through all of your suggestions and will post the pick of them on our club website network for the masses to have their say. Easy as that!

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